Mexican Fender Stratocaster

Hi this guitar is as good as new, I doubt you could find one in better condition, It even has the plastic protective layer on the scratchplate,
there are no marks or scratches, dings,dents, of any kind anywhere, even on the rear where you expect marks from belt buckles,It is flawless, with this guitar is a sturdy wooden case, it cost almost £80.00 by its self, wood with alloy trim the case and guitar have never moved out of my bedroom,both are as new,the guitar was made in 2005, and maybe ive picked it up 5 is a pwder matt blue in colour
rosewood neck grab your self a bargan

Right handed, Condition Used, 6 string , size 4/4 , what a great fender stratocaster
Serial number MZ4236929 (possible 2002 isue )

Price £350.00

To view or to buy contact or phone 01782 263775

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